Bikini girls in ‘kangaroo attack’ at notorious Candy Shop Mansion on the Gold Coast

Elise Williams, The Courier-MailApril 15, 2019 6:07amSubscriber only

What was undoubtedly a moment of sheer panic for a group of bikini-clad models has produced an extraordinarily bizarre video.

The odd footage was posted to Instagram by Candy Shop Mansion – one of the official accounts that serves to promote the inner workings of infamous Gold Coast playboy and businessman, Travers “The Candyman” Beynon.

In the video, captioned “Kangaroo attack at the Candy Shop Mansion photo shoot,” a group of beautiful bikini-babes can be seen frantically sprinting across the grass in what looks like total desperation as they try to flee what appears to be a kangaroo bounding around the lawn.

One of the women climbs into the pool, while another makes an urgent attempt to scramble over the glass fence to freedom.

It’s initially unclear what has caused all the commotion, which was caught on tape by CCTV cameras, but as the women continue to chaotically run across the beautifully manicured lawn, the camera catches a sneak-peak of what’s caused all the fuss.

Scantily clad women leap the pool fence at Travers Beynon’s ‘Candyshop Mansion’ to escape a rampaging kangaroo. Picture: Instagram/candyshopmansion

A kangaroo can be seen bouncing around the women, before footage from a different angle shows the kangaroo bounding towards them.

Fortunately for the women and the kangaroo, no one appeared to be hurt as a result of the incident, but the situation undoubtedly did raise a few heartbeats.

With the native Australian animal often being referred to as the “boxing kangaroo”, it’s easy to understand why these women were so panicked.

In 2018 a kangaroo attacked three people and left one woman with a significant chest injury, while in a separate incident, a woman was rushed to hospital after a ’roo viciously scratched her.

There was also this well-shared footage of a man punching a kangaroo in the face from 2018.