Candyman Travers Beynon’s girlfriend Nisha Downes reveals all in new video

Brianna Morris-Grant, Gold Coast BulletinMay 6, 2019 12:00amSubscriber only

THE live-in girlfriend of playboy Gold Coaster Travers Beynon reveals she is close friends with his wife, they choose any female newcomers and her own mum understands her affection for him.

Nisha Downes, of Tasmania, first arrived in the Candy Shop Mansion home of Mr Beynon — dubbed the Candyman — when just 19, according to a recent tell-all video she posted about her life.

The video includes footage of Downes’ “audition”. Photo: Candy Shop Mansion

The now 23-year-old admits she does get jealous of other female arrivals invited into the tobacconist franchise tycoon’s Helensvale mansion but she and wife Taesha help choose.

The seemingly happy brunette says in the eight-minute video that the 47-year-old Mr Beynon — who has four kids including ones she helps with homework — makes her feel “safe”.

She admitted she does get jealous and is “a bit obsessed” with Beynon who has previously noted the late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and style king Gianni Versace.

“Looking at him I’m like, it’s so crazy to think that’s my boyfriend,” she said.

“My mum was definitely concerned, she did call me and tell me she didn’t want me to move in but I was just like, ‘Well, you can come and see what it’s all about, meet Trav and Taesha so you’re more comfortable with it’.

Downes says she shares a special relationship with Taesha Beynon. Photo: Candy Shop Mansion

“Then mum came up with her husband and mum’s just obsessed with him, and she can see me now for months after living in Melbourne I’m healthy and happy. I look better than I have before.”

The video was put up two months ago and is one of the first times she has spoken about their unorthodox relationship. At the weekend, The Bulletin’s All That Glitters column revealed Mr Beynon had returned to dating app Tinder.

The profile, believed to be run by Ms Downes, shows a picture of the tobacco tycoon with both his wife and girlfriend as “Candyman and Girls”.

“Trav isn’t as intimidating when you are face-to-face,” the account reads. “We love having wild nights or even tanning by the pool having drinks.”

Photo of Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon with wife Taesha and live-in girlfriend Nisha Downes. Photo: Instagram

New footage of her mansion “audition” four years ago shows a 19-year-old Downes meeting Beynon and his wife for the first time, admitting she “stalks” his social media pages.

Ms Downes goes on to detail her relationship with Taesha Beynon, who has been married to Beynon for almost a decade.

“I respect that Taesha’s Travers’ wife and she respects that I’m his girlfriend,” she said.

“Girlfriends come and go in the house but not unless we all approve. The process for a new girl to become a girlfriend would be going out for dinner or coming over to have some drinks, just chill out with us.

“Then we talk about what they like, what we like, how we connect. Taesha and I always have a shower for a deep and meaningful, we get in the shower for half an hour and talk about everything when the girl leaves.

“But we talk to Trav and see what he thinks.”