Candyman’s Wife And Girlfriend Open Up About Their ‘Crazy’ Parties With Up To A Dozen Girls

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When I jumped on a call with Taesha Beynon (below pic, left) and Nisha Downes (right), I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I’d spoken to Taesha’s husband Travers Benyon – who just happens to be Nisha’s boyfriend – before now and its fair to say they’ve not got a traditional domestic set up.

But both ladies were ready to open up to LADbible in their very first interview together – and blow the lid off some of the outrageous goings on in the Candyshop.

Like how it goes down in the bedroom.

Travers with Taesha (left) and Nisha (middle). Credit: Supplied

Travers with Taesha (left) and Nisha (middle). Credit: Supplied

Devoted wife Taesha, 27, explained the pair wanted to ‘spice things up’ when it came to their sex life – which is the reason why they now live together in the CandyShop Mansion with four other girlfriends. And there can be a pretty quick turnover, apparently.

Nisha, 23, has been around since they took the step to open their relationship up to other women. Nisha met 47-year-old Travers – otherwise known as Candyman – back in 2015 on a photo-shoot. The following weekend the pair, along with Taesha, went away to spend some time alone and you could say that the rest is history.

Travers and Taesha on their wedding day. Credit: Supplied

Travers and Taesha on their wedding day. Credit: Supplied

Taesha and Travers met in 2009 at a party before they started dating. They went on to marry and had two children before starting to invite female company – and plenty of it – into their 15-bedroom, 19-bathroom mansion.

“I feel like it kind of just evolved,” says Taesha. “We spoke about – well, I spoke about how some girls are hot and I would rate girls and that sort of thing. I guess just by constantly talking about it we were like ‘let’s try it and see how we go’, it just worked, and we liked it.”

Who is Travers to disagree eh? Oh, and he gets the exclusive deal, in case you were wondering.

“It’s not us girls going out and doing things with guys,” says Taesha. “It’s an open relationship I guess with our marriage, with other girls and bringing them into our marriage and that sort of thing.

(L-R) Taesha, Travers, Nisha and Travers' eldest children, Lucciana and Valentino. Credit: Supplied

(L-R) Taesha, Travers, Nisha and Travers’ eldest children, Lucciana and Valentino. Credit: Supplied 

“It was good in our relationship, but it spiced things up even more – we already had a good relationship and a good sex life so it just took it all to the next level, I guess.”

Nisha said she ‘already knew’ about the dynamic of the marriage before she was brought in. And it was an instant hit.

“Taesha and I kind of hit it off straight away and with the weekend together it just felt like it was meant to be kind of thing,” she said. “It was just really comfortable already. The three of us adapted with each other straight away.”

But, If you thought this was the sort of set up where the ladies take turns spending time with Travers you’d be very much mistaken. In fact, when it comes to their bedroom antics it’s quite the opposite.

Taesha revealed: “We’re always all together all the time. We like it, it’s good for us and it’s fun. Nothing is ever the same.

“It was only just the other night that we had 10 or 12 girls and that was like a whole other level. It was after a party night that we normally have, a whole bunch of girls came and it just led to another thing and we went upstairs and had another party upstairs in our room and yeah, I guess you can imagine what happened.”

Does it not get…crowded?

“Sometimes it gets too much when there’s like way too many girls here,” she said. “But it’s good, we like it to be a bit crazy sometimes.”

No wonder he needs 19 bathrooms.

Travers with wife and girlfriends enjoying Valentine's Day breakfast. Credit: Candy Shop Mansion/LADbible

Travers with wife and girlfriends enjoying Valentine’s Day breakfast. Credit: Candy Shop Mansion/LADbible

It turns out both girls were pretty straight laced before their current set up.

Taesha said: “I had never done anything like that before. I was 18 [when they met] so I was very naïve to sex. Travers showed me pretty much everything that I know. I’ve never experienced sex with multiple partners.

“Even when our relationship started, Travers and I didn’t do that in the first couple of years of our marriage. It was only that we spoke about it, got comfortable about it and then it just kind of all fell into place. Nothing was ever rushed, it just worked.”

And Nisha added: “I hadn’t been with more than just one person. It’s just that dynamic, I don’t know why – it’s so intriguing because they’re both interesting people.

“I have a relationship with Taesha and then I have one with Travers as well. It’s really nice and it’s just really different but it’s good. It would be so weird to be with one person, I don’t know how people out there – traditional marriages – survive when they don’t open it up and discover new things like that.”

Candyman with Taesha and Nisha. Credit: Supplied

Candyman with Taesha and Nisha. Credit: Supplied

So, is this something they would recommend, seeing as it works so well for them?

“I think it’s definitely for some people, for others it doesn’t work,” says Nisha. “You’ve got to have that ability – like for Travs to be able to juggle that many girls, not every man could do that. Wives also couldn’t deal with other girls coming in. It’s definitely for some people but not for everyone.”

Just a normal night. Credit: Supplied

Just a normal night. Credit: Supplied

How about the in-laws?

“I told my mum about it and she Googled Travers and saw everything”, she said. “She was like ‘Nisha what are you doing?’ And I told her ‘I’m being serious about it, I’m not going to change my mind but come here if you’re really concerned and meet him for yourself’.

“And she did. She brought her husband, my nan, my brother and they all came up and they just adored him, they loved it. They saw me so happy. He’s got kids and a wife and it’s all so normal.”

Hmm, not the first word that springs to mind – but I’m starting to realise this really is just the way they live. To them this is normal.

The trio together. Credit: Supplied

The trio together. Credit: Supplied

Nisha went on: “It’s so normal. I don’t even think about it anymore – that I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend. When I wake up and kiss him goodbye for work and then Taesha and I are together all day – that’s just so normal, that’s my life now.

“There’s jealousy and arguments and stuff but you sort it out. You talk about it and at the end of the day you’re all here for the same thing. You’re going to have arguments and you’re going to get jealous but when you talk about it you get so much closer, like it brings you together.

“You just feel like sisters, like a big group of sisters.”

But there are exceptions: “If they’ve acted really stupid or jealous for example, it’s just them and Travs. If they forget that Taesha is still his wife and he’s got other girlfriends – obviously that won’t work and we will tell them it’s not going to work. They’ll have to leave. That does happen sometimes.”

Taesha and Travers. Credit: Supplied

Taesha and Travers. Credit: Supplied

What about…bedroom logistics?

“We all sleep in the same room, we have three king-size beds, two bathrooms,” says Taesha. “It’s a massive room – we have four makeup stations – and a stripper pole, of course.” Of course.

“We all sleep in the same room and all alternate who sleeps next to Trav. The beds are custom-made, they’re all next to each other in an ‘L’ shape.

“I’m sure deep down there’s a bit of jealousy but no one ever says anything. It’s really weird how it works but it just does, it just seems so normal – if you could live it you would understand it.”

Is that an offer?