Inside the Candy Shop Mansion: Giant naked statue of the Virgin Mary lands tobacco tycoon ‘Candyman’ Travers Benyon in hot water as he hosts wild summer bash – where clothing was definitely optional

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  • Australia’s most notorious playboy has been fined for a controversial statue of a bare-chested Virgin Mary 
  • Travers Beynon, known as ‘The Candyman’ erected the statue before his annual ‘Candy Shop Mansion’ party
  • Local residents slammed the statue as sexist and demanded it be torn down, but he was instead hit with a fine
  • Thousands of partygoers flocked to his waterside mansion, taking in the first day of summer to party 

Australian’s most notorious playboy has been hit with a massive fine for a controversial statue erected in his own backyard.

Travers Beynon, better known as ‘The Candyman’, drew the attention of the Gold Coast council when he had a three-metre statue of a red-veiled and bare-chested woman resembling the Virgin Mary built behind his waterside mansion.

The statue, which can be seen from across canals surrounding his home, was built in anticipation of his annual Secret Society-themed party starting on Saturday.

But after locals complained about the scantily-clad religious figure, the city council slammed Beynon with a $13,000 fine.

A controversial Virgin Mary statue (pictured) has landed Australia’s most notorious playboy in hot water
Despite a hefty fine being handed to him, Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon (centre) went ahead with his ‘party of the year’ 
Scantily-clad girls are pictured at Beynon’s waterside mansion with the controversial statue in the background

Angry residents who can see the statue have demanded it be taken down.

But as thousands prepared to flock to Beynon’s mansion for the annual rave, the council was forced to issue a fine instead of demanding the removal of the statue.

‘Officers determined the owner did not have the necessary permits to build what is an assessable structure,’ a city council spokesperson told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

‘The claim that it is a temporary structure brought in for a party this weekend is irrelevant.

‘Regardless of changes the owner said he would make to the structure, it remains uncompliant and the fine will be enforced.’

Pictures of the statue drew mixed reactions from fans on social media, with some calling it sexist and others deeming it ‘just a bit of fun’.

‘Isn’t it in his backyard! If so, so what? Yea (sic) it’s tacky but that his lifestyle, get over it!’ one punter wrote.

‘Let him have his private party and fun alone. Their (sic) not hurting anyone are they,’ said another.

Others weren’t so accommodating.

‘What’s his point in doing this! There is no need to disrespect the beliefs of others,’ wrote one.

‘I feel so sorry for the idiot who calls himself the Candy Man. He is a sick puppy looking for recognition and approval and all he is doing is proving he is a misogynist.’

The Candyman’s annual celebration kicked off at midday on Saturday, with or without the approval of his neighbours.

Those hoping to go to the tobacco mogul’s shindig have to fulfill a strict criteria; sending in selfies and social media links for Beynon himself to judge whether the punter deserves an invite.

Should they be successful, the thousands invited are treated to free food, drinks and witness a music proudction on a four storey high stage with accompanying fireworks.

But even those who aren’t physically at the party can take it in online, with the entire proceedings being live streamed on his website here.