Leaked Images Show Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon Filming New Reality TV Series

Rebecca Shepherd

Notorious Australian playboy Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon looks to be recording a brand new reality TV show that will give warts and all access to his famous mansion – and the wild parties that are regular features.

Beynon – the bloke who once held the ‘world’s biggest house party’ and manages to juggle several girlfriends and a wife as part of his domestic set up – is being followed by a camera crew, for a rumoured new reality show that could become an absolute must-watch.

The production company were seen filming at the 'Secret Society' party which was held late last year.

The production company were seen filming at the ‘Secret Society’ party which was held late last year.

The multi-millionaire playboy and successful entrepreneur is certainly not one to shy away from controversy as he openly promotes his polyamorous relationship.

Now a reality show could be the next step for and it looks like the ball is already rolling for the inside story of Beynon’s playboy lifestyle.

And some pictures have started to emerge from the shoot – showing Beynon and his gang of girls in action.

A spokesperson for Beynon told LADbible: “There has been great UK interest in Travers and his family however at this stage we can neither confirm or deny that there will be a reality show based around the Beynon family coming to the UK.”

Neither confirm or deny…so that’s a yes then?

The leaked pictures show the family going about their day to day business.

The leaked pictures show the family going about their day to day business. 

From the pictures it's clear to see the camera crew.

From the pictures it’s clear to see the camera crew.

Speculation started a few years ago that a show was coming to the UK – however it now looks like it could be close to hitting screens.

Rumoured to be based around the not-your-average Beynon family dynamic, it will likely hone in on Travers, his wife and girlfriends, his model daughter Lucciana, and his DJ son Valentino.

The leaked images show UK-based Gass Productions filming at The Candy Shop Mansion late last year.

Party goers from the 2018 ‘Secret Society’ party seemingly shared the lavish 18-hour event with a full camera crew.

More than 1,000 hand-picked people from across the world attended the glamorous annual bash – because, obviously they have to look the part. And with it being Beynon, most of those on the invite list were female.

With high security around the mansion, around 1,200 people walked through his front door in less than two hours – where they enjoyed free food and booze for the duration of the epic bash. Explains why there were no late attendees.

Speaking after the huge event, Travers said: “Debauchery at the Candyman party is only the starting point. I believe in diversity…the only majority is half naked women. Girls come straight and leave bi [sexual].”

There’s no word yet on when we might see the show – but it looks worthy of a binge when it finally does drop.