2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Imagine watching ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ at the movies and then buying bounty hunter ‘Lockdown’? Well that’s what Travers Beynon did.

The crowd favourite and dubbed ‘the best Lamborghini ever’, she’s beauty defined. The shimmering gold, perfect lines…where Supercars and art collide…

Lift with ease the scissor door and slide into the lap of luxury and pure exhilaration in the angry, twitchy Aventador. Fast, loud and stunning you’ll be seen and heard from miles away…0-100km/hr in under 3 seconds and done in utter comfort and style.

Do you like wide feet? How about some grip with 355’s on the back?

You’ll feel like royalty on a mission…just room for you and your nerves, you’ll need photographic evidence to prove to your mates it wasn’t just a dream!

The Candyman’s Lamborghini Aventador is available for you to hire, chauffeur driven – picked up and dropped off at the locations of your choice in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area.

Service is one way only and the price includes chauffeur and room for one passenger. Optional extra: have the actual Candyman AKA Travers Beynon be your driver.

Price is $750

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