Due to popular demand we are extending our free tattoo offer


During the last 100% FREE CANDYSHOP MANSION PARTY, held on 1st December 2018, guests were able to get free CANDYMAN tattoos. This proved so popular the tattoo artists where runoff their feet and there was a waiting list.


So on the 9th and 10th March 2019 THE CANDYMAN and Celebrity Ink Tattoos, held a free tattoo weekend in 16 locations around the globe so fans were able to get a FREE tattoo ( Yes real ones) Although we also had temporary ones for the kids. 

This also was a runaway success with many not being able to make it on the day so we have extended the offer of a FREE TATTOO for a limited time in your area.

What Tattoo do i get?

There is few choices and sizes, See image below.  Click image to download scaled A4 to print.

Where do I place the tattoo?

You can put it anywhere you like

Do I get anything from getting the tattoo?

Unlike some media outlets reported, getting a tattoo doesn't guarantee you a ticket to the next Candy Shop Mansion party, However it does indeed boost your chances of a ticket. When registering upload a photo of your tattoo showing your face as well on the registration form. You will also receive a "I got branded by The Candyman T shirt"


What Tattoo places can I use.

We have partnered with Celebrity Ink Tattoos that have over 40 locations worldwide. 

Search for your closest Celebrity Ink location below



No stores close to you?  let us know in the comments and will see what we can arrange in your local area.

Ok Im in, how do I apply?

    Which Tattoo did you want?