Travers Luke Beynon (born in Australia March 6, 1972) is the current business owner and Managing Director of FREECHOICE Australia, the number one leading retail tobacconist franchise with over 304 stores (272 franchise and 32 Company owned) plus a vending operation with more than 1300 machines nationwide.

Average houses don’t get given names. So when you create a party palace and mega mansion for your family that is all about entertaining and the sweeter things in life then why not call home “The Candy Shop Mansion” (“Candy” synonymous with the sweet things in life). Thanks to the media his default nickname became “The Candyman”. He’s more than just a father, husband, boyfriend and successful business owner, he’s a fiercely passionate entrepreneur who sees no limits.

FREECHOICE is not only the name of his business, it’s also his personal mantra.

Known for his extravagant lifestyle and wild parties, the Candyman has a flamboyant style and the capacity to push boundaries. Beautiful women, designer clothing and exotic cars do not define him. It’s his sheer desire to break the rules, challenge mindsets and re-write entertainment as we know it.

Travers embodies everything politically incorrect, provocative and controversial on the surface, get to know him and you’ll see he’s the ‘everyday-man’ with a twist – relatable yet mysterious. Hard working, tenacious, driven beyond the norm in every aspect of his life, a true perfectionist. He’s enigmatic, charming and has an unexpected magnetism about him.

Some say the 3-piece suit-wearing party animal has a split personality. Quite simply he calls it “two sides of a single coin.” On one side you have Travers Beynon the Entrepreneur and the family man with the motto “Work Harder”, the other side is The Candyman the Entertainer and the Playboy with the motto “Play Harder”.

Travers is a passionate lover of life who sees the beauty in everything – art, fashion, cars, women. He’s charismatic and campaigns for what he believes in: hard work, a positive attitude and a genuine desire to inspire others to succeed.

Raised by extremely driven parents who pushed for success in whatever he applied himself to, ultimately creating a high achiever. Everything in his life runs like clockwork with immense, meticulous detail. He is a relentless goal-orientated flamboyant character who consistently pushes himself past his comfort zones, he says “breaking into grounds you didn’t think were possible, is what becomes addictive”.

His biggest influences in his life are his mother who he states was the strongest person he knew, and his grandmother who was nicknamed “The General” because of her tenacious attitude, then add a father who relentlessly pushed Travers to improve no matter what he succeeded in ensuring he concentrated on what he could improve on.

Travers is a dedicated and loving father of four children. He gained sole custody nine years ago of his first two (unusual now and more so back then) His two youngest he had with current wife Taesha, all residing at The Candy Shop Mansion.

No matter what you think of this man, whether you’re influenced by the distorted bias narrative, sensationalised and uneducated media portrayal or your own limited assumptions via his social media posts like: he objectifies women, encourages the resurrection of the alpha male, or he’s simply an immoral sex machine…this casual Playboy and business man who’s every move flies in the face of convention and normality is too busy not caring what you think.

Family is everything to Mr. Beynon

We are in a society that is moving more towards a restricted and controlled environment, liberation is a bygone era, losing our “free choice”. The masses are now being dictated to in this nanny state and we are creating our own self-inflicted limitations and not questioning our decisions or authority. Travers challenges the norm. Reward is not without risk. He leaves no room for opinions of others to restrict his bountiful existence – “who are they to judge?” We are all mortals and our demise is not negotiable nor predictable, so why not live our lives to the fullest and the way we want? Be authentic along the way, fuck what others think.


FREECHOICE is: accepting and celebrating the diversity in people’s beliefs and most importantly freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

“I will never look back and regret how I didn’t live”. Travers Beynon: TLB = Thinker. Leader. Boss The Candyman: TLB = Tenacious. Ludicrous. Bold