The Parties

The Candy Shop Mansion’s annual parties are absolutely legendary. Every year we receive applications from all around the world to attend these exclusive events and live large alongside the Candyman himself.

Travers Beynon has been throwing wild parties for 22 years. These parties earned him the infamous Gold Coast playboy and true Australian larrikin title. The annual December party is held in the Australian summer so less is best! 1200 lucky guests are narrowed down from over 12,000 registrations, hand-picked by Travers Beynon and he treats them to a free event that blows their expectations clear out of the water. “That was the best experience of my life” is what everybody leaves with. Along with several International DJ’s, performances by professional entertainers, exotic animals, midgets, drag queens, hundreds of beautiful half-naked women and the largest, most expensive residential fireworks display in Australia. There is also an exclusive VIP area for the very lucky ones.


The Candy Shop Mansion is home to the largest, most impressive and wildest party in the world – oh if the walls could talk!


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Australia Day 2023

March 2022

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