The Candy Shop Mansion

Welcome to the infamous Candy Shop Mansion home of the worlds best house party

Legend and intrigue shroud the Candy Shop Mansion with stories of outlandish behaviour and outrageous decadence circulating in equal measure. For years, it has been a hushed hot spot for chosen few, a haven to escape normality and enter a world of fantasy and freedom.

Travers Beynon had a vision for the Candy Shop Mansion over two decades ago, inspired by his travels and keen interest in Greek and Italian art and architecture.

The name lends itself to a more modern, playful tone and parties at the Candy Shop Mansion are legendary. Travers Beynon, also known as ‘The Candyman’ has entertained friends and family of all ages over the years with extravagant theatrics, banquets and glamorous entertainment.

The Candy Shop Mansion is located at 36 River Cove Place, Helensvale, Queensland Australia.

Travers originally bought the property in 2010 consisting of 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms until he purchased the neighbouring section in 2014. Over the following 3 years he designed and developed an extension to the Mansion, tripling its size, which now sits on approximately 1.4 acres of prime waterfront real estate in one of Northern Gold Coast’s exclusive gated communities.

The Candy Shop Mansion is home to his four children, wife, girlfriends, a full-time nanny and a Jack Russel x Pug named Spartacus. The Mansion boasts 15 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, 4 kitchens, ballroom, gym, solarium, steam room, gentlemen’s club and a pool.

Let’s take a walk through…

Rive Cove Estate is a gated community located in the northern Gold Coast flanked by many other exclusive estates.

Once you gain access to the snaking cul-de-sac, you are eventually met with an entrance that no one else in the estate mirrors – there is no mistaking who resides there!

Arriving at the Candy Shop Mansion you are met with large imposing crested gates designed by Travers weighing over 2 tonnes. Beyond the whisper-quiet gates is the decadent marble ‘Fountain of Travi’, a smaller version of what you would see in Rome – the ‘Trevi Fountain’. First impressions mean you are most likely standing in the driveway in awe – the scale and detail in everything is overwhelming. Bacchus, the god of wine and agriculture adorns the exterior wall to the most recent extension that leads to the ballroom. The sandstone driveway curls around to meet all entrances, garages and loops to the second (original driveway). Beautiful large palms, a perfectly manicured garden, the fountain trickling away and the gold tiles framing the sculptures at the front are glistening in the sun.

Main Entrance

Once you figure which of the 3 large entrances is the main entrance, you pass the statues into the grand lobby, where you are met with a sweeping staircase, a massive chandelier and large-scale renaissance art including a portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte. It really is hard to know where to look – every crevice, wall, floor and ceiling represents Travers and his wild tastes in some way or another. The home is adorned with marble statues of Roman gods, yellow travertine and white marble flooring, the main lounge beyond the kitchen with the Versace Medusa Head mosaic set in the middle of the floor. The plush velvet curtains frame the glass sliding doors, everywhere you turn there’s internationally sourced bespoke furniture and numerous ancient portraits of Roman goddesses.

The Vatican Pool

The 250,000-litre infinity edge ‘Vatican Pool’ is encrusted with over a million mosaic tiles (first tiled in 2015 and re-tiled again in 2018) with various quotes, his logo, motifs and decorative designs across the entire pool, spa, recessed firepit (accessible via a bridge) and in the children’s area, Nemo and friends feature! The red tiled grotto, only accessible underwater (with two massage beds, a tv and sound system positioned next to the swim-up bar) overlooks the Coomera River. A 27-tonne statue of King Neptune stands guard over the vast pool area.

Driven by the fear of being average…

Travers Beynon lives every boy’s dream. While owning a Ferrari or a Lambo or a Rolls may be enough to show you’ve reached the pinnacle in success and “made it” Travers has all the above and then some…

The main garage houses all Travers’ exotic cars. Entry is via either one of the numerous doors from the outside or through the glass auto doors inside, with his ‘coin’ emblem etched into them. The other garages around the property mean he can house up to 21 cars, therefore there’s room to add to his collection!

Travers has fine taste in luxury motoring. They all signify goals reached in his life and being the humble, understated guy he is, they are mostly two-tone matte/gloss black or gold wrapped. The current collection features: Rolls Royce Wraith, Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari F430 (recently re-wrapped in a Ferrair Red, the only one of it’s kind on the road), Bentley Continental, Mercedes G-Wagon, 2 Audi Q7 SUV’s, 2 Holden Commodores and a custom Harley Davidson softail.

Rolls Royce Wraith

Travers likes taking the Wraith to work and there’s no surprises there with the starlight ceiling, plush interior and unmatchable comfort and power making the short commute a breeze.

Audi R8 GT race car

And when he’s done going the speed limit, Travers also has an Audi R8 Race Car that he competes in the Australian GT Series. This too is in a striking gold and black colour scheme. He has also fulfilled many dreams by doing the occasional hot lap for lucky kids and the like.

From tarmac to ocean…

Living on a large waterway that takes you out to the Gold Coast’s Broadwater, it would be nonsensical to not have a boat. Travers didn’t want just any marine craft – and of course it would have to be the least practical, least generic looking one money can buy. When he resided in Miami, Florida, he loved watching the loud Cigarette Racing Boats roar past him from thebeach. So of course, he had to have one. They are usually painted in a garish 90’s colour schemes that make them look a lot less aggressive than they should. You could say Travers made the boat look as bad-ass as it sounds. It’s a stunning jet black 38ft Cigarette Boat with twin Supercharged V8 motors – a frightening output of 2000 horsepower (made for the choppy open water). Recently re-painted and upholstered in black with striking gold branding on the hull and throughout. Watch the Boat refurb video in the gallery to really get an idea of how Traver’s creative vision and love for speed came to life!

This is where the magic happens…

A phrase often thrown around by celebs on MTV Cribs, but stand assured, their idea of magic would be a card trick, Travers’ bedroom is that of utter incomprehensible fantasy…

The master suite is almost what you’d expect this Gold Coast playboy’s bedroom to look like – mirrored ceiling, stripper pole, two bathrooms, three walk-in-robes, four Hollywood style make-up stations and a custom-made bed (the size of three king size beds) with LED lighting and smoke machines underneath. One wall is covered in a Salvador Dali mural depicting a combination of his most famous works. Luxurious leather panels are mounted behind the bed that sits directly across from a wall with a collage of famous photographs by the late Helmut Newton.

Travers’ wardrobe – designer show, clothing and jewellery collection

The girls have 2 of their own bathrooms and Travers’ bathroom is off his impressive walk in ‘robe (complete with bulletproof glass case, housing his jewellery, watches, cufflinks, belts), and an entire wall of high-end couture shoes. Good luck finding black business shoes – they’re the most flamboyant, dazzling footwear you never thought would exist. From gold spiked Christian Louboutin shoes to the silver Versace gladiator sandals and the various high-tops…the Medusa head adorns many a pair.

The hustle didn’t come from a 9-5…

Travers’ home office couldn’t be anything less than functional but of course not without form. The moment you step on the award-winning parquetry floor, designed by Travers you’ll see why it won the ATFA floor of the year. Mind is blown as you step on one of the eight glass squares that look down to one of his many luxury vehicles below. Every inch of his office is designed with eccentric aesthetic consideration, blue and gold palatial boardroom chairs set at a large board table with the now expected Renaissance art beneath the glass top, lit by a golden chandelier hanging from a cloud-covered, gold framed ceiling. Traver’s own office desk is of course gold-trimmed solid wood, behind are wall cabinets filled with his inspirational books and yes, the Roman-esque faces in the decorative cornices are in the image of Mr. Beynon.

The office is connected to the only residential bridge in Australia that leads through to the expansive 233 square metre ballroom where a 3 x 2 metre chandelier hangs proudly. If the stairs are too much by this point, take the mirrored, embossed lift! This wing of the home is also residence of his son.

Gold Class at Home

Travers loves his movies, so why not have a home theatre with eight red leather embossed recliners and a 4-metre bed? With so much entertaining to be had, it’s an absolute necessity! Much like his Rolls, you have a starlight ceiling to add to the luxury cinema feel. All the automation: lights, curtains, surround sound and movies are controlled from an iPad.

The bold, eccentric and eclectic flamboyant styling of Mr. Beynon’s home in the humble community of Helensvale needs to be seen to be believed. It is however, a literal hidden gem.

“Playboy Mansion meets Hercules Palace”.