Main Girlfriends

To become a girlfriend is not much different than a new courtship between any other 2 people. After submitting the application Travers & Taesha will make initial contact via Instagram.


If there is a mutual connection/attraction, you will be invited for a weekend, a week or even a month (depending on whether you reside in Australia or overseas). All travel, flights and transfers will be paid for. If an Australian visa is required, this will be at your expense and reimbursed when you arrive.


Based on how you get along with Travers and Taesha during your visit will determine if you are to be invited back on a long-term basis or visit again to further develop the relationship.

Being the girlfriend of Mr Beynon aka The Candyman not only must you be attractive to be considered as a girlfriend, but you must be fun, bubbly, out-going, spontaneous, adventurous and respectful to everyone. Travers & Taesha promote a strong family unity in the house. (Drama is not welcome at anytime).


You will naturally become accustomed to the finer things in life such as designer clothing and accessories, 5-star travel around the world, fine dining and exclusive private parties.

It is very important to maintain your presentation: this will include keeping your nails manicured, your hair styled, maintain a tan, having makeup done to a high standard, stylish clothing, eating well and keeping fit which will all be taken care of by Mr Beynon. 


Being an important businessman Mr Beynon is invited to large social events regularly which you will attend with him. On these occasions or being in public it is an expectation on your behalf to look your best. Travers spent 10 years in the fashion world and has the experience and a unique way of styling to help you reach your full potential. Inclusions: lashes, facials, massages, cosmetic enhancements, all make-up and beauty products, (all activities (i.e. Pole dancing, Pilates, Gym etc), online courses of choice, a car is provided and spending. 

If this is of interest to you please fill out the application form below for a life change and experience a fun, spontaneous and exciting journey with Travers & Taesha’s next main girlfriends. Your flights will be paid for and Travers personal driver will pick you up from the airport.

Apply to Become a Girlfriend